Be Careful From Whom and Where You Get Advice

I observe with keen interest as the vagrant scrutinizes the vendor’s wares with some disguised pseudo-interest, and I suppress an impulse to giggle when he innocently shakes his head, making a hand gesture that he has no buying power-at the moment.
While the nomadic street-paddler is a score feet away, as if in a casual afterthought, the “window-shopper” mouths a, “Don’t lose hope man, be patient and always stay positive!”
Well, on an ordinary day, to a casual observer, that would be some piece of pricey advice. However, if you come to think of it; who believes a man who seemingly has lost all hope to prosper, whose patience with poverty has made him to it what a hand is to a glove?

“Stay positive for what? Dude, positive my foot!” Now I hear you concurring with me.
Have you ever had someone attempt to comfort you with an, “it’s God’s will” mantra when you lost a beloved one? To make it worse, let it be someone who has never experienced some tragic loss in their entire life.
This world is always full of fundis in every area of life, but the question is what credence does one have to play tour-guide onto your life’s expeditions?
What do you think would be an insurance broker’s advice on the best way to look after your property than ask you to insure it? Would a doctor turn you away from his door after telling you all you need is a good meal of balanced nutrients? Would you trust a bachelor to give you marriage advice? Even a married man or woman does not qualify to give you marriage advice; for no two marriages are the same.
Do not even listen to the “I-have-been-through-this” hogwash. An observer once said that the so-called thirty years of experience is just one year’s experience repeated thirty times. At the same time no two experiences are ever identical.
You see, there is always a motive behind the advice offered. Some tend to benefit directly from your acting on their advice while others are just happy to know that there is a moron retracing their lousy footsteps. Worse, still, some derive some pleasure from when you stumble over their latent booby traps on the advised route.
This world is just full of the blind leading the blind or the cunning leading the ignorant and unsuspecting to the guillotine.
The best thing that you could do to help someone is let them be able to explore on their own. Sometimes failure and pain along the way are the best teachers than those who only serve to help you with the tactics of avoidance.
Personally, I believe the best way to advice me is show me how to keep an open mind so that I realize that I also have it within me to find my own way.
Other than that you would serve me better by shoving it!
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Utilize and Multiply Your Gift, Or Else…

Those who utilize, add onto and multiply their gifts will have more added onto their prosperity. Alas to those who stifle their blessing, for even the little they have shall be taken away from them.

Imagine a watchman who has been tasked with sounding a warning on any impending peril to the city. No matter how deserving of extermination the citizens of that city would be, any failure by the watchman to alert them of any danger will make him responsible for their fate.

If all God’s servants, from Abraham down to the last or latest prophet you can think of, shirked their duty to spread whatever message they were “sent” to deliver we probably would not be having any kind of religion. Blessed be the works of The Christ, The Prophet Mohamed and Buddha, amongst others; for without a shadow of doubt, the world is a better place because of them and heaven has never been so nearer…

The same goes for all the inventors of both the ancient and modern eras; if they had not come to the party at the right moment, the world would be a “darker” place to live in. All leaders in every walk of life had to play their part to usher progress to humanity as well.

If Abraham Lincoln had not taken that decision to abolish slavery, who knows how long it would have taken for someone else to come to some sense, human enough, and do away with this worst sin against humanity. If the great Shaka had not implemented his leadership vision the Zulu nation would probably have not been as glorious as it is right now. Had the guy who invented internet not made good of his calling, we all would still plunged in the dark era. The list goes ad infinitum.

I hear you say, someone, somewhere, would have, sooner or later, done these things. Yes, they would, but only if they made the valuable decision to “hope into the train the moment it arrived”.

It is often said that it only takes a few good men/women to do nothing for evil to flourish. Some do eventually act but it would be too little, too late.

If you have been “called” to be a statesman or stateswoman but you are still basking in the pseudo-glory of the corporate corridors, you are complicit in all the lack of peace in this world. If you are busy as a merchant while neglecting your calling as an evangelist, the blood of each and every “sheep” that strays to the den of the wolves is in your hands.

Had your parents made the decision to “trim” the family before your arrival, we would be a reader less for this article. Would not the world be worse off if I had chosen to be in the army than to be a writer?

It is a crime against humanity and a sin against God for you to both procrastinate and “save it for later” or to not do anything while evil, poverty or lack runs unchecked.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go out and do something-and be good while at it.

For the sake of the world, THRIVE!

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Your Divine Calling Is Towards Progress

As I was taking my morning walk today I could not help it but marvel at the perfect plan of GOD as manifest in all the various natural items around me.

Right in front of me, on my path was a perfectly rounded small rock, snow white in colour. Though similar to its ilk scattered around the neighbourhood, a careful observation would tell you that each one of these rocks is unique on its own. That makes me wonder, then, how many “moulds” there had to be to produce all these variations of an otherwise common product of the Universe.

The leaves scattered all over the winter-stricken landscape also told me a quite fascination tale. If you are to scientifically quantify the dimensions of each and every one of these leaves, even though from the same tree, you are bound to find none that are identical in all these, even though similar somehow. Think, then, of the different “moulds” that had to be used to churn out all these products of Nature.  The same still goes for the blades of the different varieties of grasses around.

My observation got even more overwhelming when I had to consider all the humans and other animal species around me. Two human beings, even though of the same gender, race and even from the same family are never identical. The so-called “identical” twins also have minute details that often escape the naked eye, separating one from the other. To prove that fact you must just check their figure prints.

Contrary to all the phenomena of Mother Nature, the mass production moulds created by humans, churn out products that are very identical to the last detail. Look at the vehicles of the same range, the houses, the streets, the clothes, the foodstuffs and all the other items of mass-production that you could think of; all are identical. The only way to get variety is through tinkering with the details. However, the moment that has been effected, we now have a different variety with its bunch of identical mass-siblings. These ranges come to an “end” and so do their capacity to perform or function.

All this explains one thing: nature operates in a divine order with a plan towards perpetual continuance; hence all of its elements possess this character of INFINITY. That includes you and me; we are perfect in our own way and our possibilities are INFINITE.

This only can mean that there is always room to better your best, and in order for you to be at harmony with the divine order you must expand from within and reach out to the infinite possibilities-THAT IS CALLED PROGRESS!

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“Hi Mike!”

“Hello Linda. How’re you?”

“I’m good, thanks. How have you been?”

“Ah, same old! Same old!”

Such talk often leaves me with a sore and bleeding heart. To be honest, in my mind’s world, I have lynched, crucified and meted untold whippings to such people who live in an unchanging world.

Life is a journey towards the infinite; we are all travellers on this earth, hence it is our divine responsibility to keep on moving. Even the spirits of our long departed fellow humans are always in constant motion.

Why then would one choose to be stationary?

It would be good to learn from the laws of water: it flows from a higher catchment area or a sub-source to its original source-the sea or ocean. Along its course, the purity of the water or the lack thereof it is related to the velocity of its motion. The more the water keeps a high momentum, the closer it stays to a purer state, while the opposite is true of stagnant water.

Stagnant water garners, within itself, all sorts of impurities and foreign bodies one can ever think of. It is stagnant water which gets putrid and eventually unfit for any use or be of any interest at all. What would only save a body of stagnant water would be the introduction of an inlet and an outlet to allow some free flow.

It is the same with your life; if you choose the “same old” views, thoughts, actions, things and people, you will tend to deteriorate instead of being full of vitality and progress.

There are some things in your life you must “offload”, just like what a flowing river does to a corpse immediately after its loss of life. There are some events that you must forget. There are some people, as well, whom you would need to forget. Why keep up with stuff that tends to weigh you down and, worse still, whose stench repels good things from you?

Make it a life-task to always renew, reinvent yourself and re-work on your life. It is time you met new people and accumulated new experiences. What are you waiting for? I have a friend who always says if one seems to be short of new things to do they must, at least, learn a new language while still searching for new ideas.

With those that you must keep (there will always be some to keep), introduce new ways to experience them.

If it is a lover, why not love them in a new and better way?

Why not introduce new games into the whole affair?

Why not obtain new opinions and a new perspective?

Why not develop new ideas and opinions on politics, religion, work, family, sex, money and all the rest of your life?

Set yourself free and next time when one asks you how you are, say, “Brand new! Brand new!”

If your current eyeglasses prevent you from seeing a new and better world, it is time, then to change the tints and add some colour.

Usher in some change into your life and THRIVE!

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Are you very sure you are not a fool? If you are one, you might not need to read this.
There is a way of thinking peculiar to fools which manifests in their words all the times. Considering the fact that words are predecessors of actions, it is, therefore, imperative to take a look at ten of the most common words and phrases often used by fools. Go through the list bellow and be your own judge as to whether you are a fool or not.
There is this fool that I went to graduate school with. Just when we were on the final months of our studies, the fool got lured by the job market and decided to quit before final examinations. Unfortunately (that is always the fate of fools), the prospective employment turned out to be “fools gold”. So, the idiot lost both the qualification and the job (if one can be said to have lost something that he never really had).

In every fool’s mouth, the word “cannot” is so commonplace that it is interchangeable with their tongue. “I cannot work up too early in the morning to do some extra work.” “I cannot exercise or stick to a healthy diet.” “I cannot study.” “I cannot go into business.” “I cannot stick to a romantic relationship for very long.” “I cannot….” “I cannot….” “I cannot…” Then they always wonder why they are such sorry sights-it is because they cannot!

Ability is inherent in every human being. In other words we are born with all the ability that can carry us as far as any goal. Even disability is not inability. When you hear some fool claiming that they are unable to do something, it can only mean that either he/she has not tried or has not tried hard enough. If they have tried hard, it means they have not been persistent and patient enough. Or, simply, they have not been smart enough to figure the way out-trust a fool not to.

If twenty years ago I had told a fool that I would like to own a mobile phone with only one function button, what do you think he/she would have said? IMPOSSIBLE! Look at the iPhone and you will testify to the apparent possibility that could have eluded a fool’s imagination. All modern day technology would have been considered “miracles” by the fools of ancient times.

Please tell me that you are not one of those unfortunate offspring of fools who curse their children with the words that prosperity is “out of question in the family”. To them it is not even a remote possibility or option to prosper in the family. Fools will always say things that make you feel like the “wrong one” whenever you are the odd one out. This is because what you achieved was out of question to them.

Not only do fools have short memories, they are also so numb-brained when it comes to basic or elementary numeracy. It is a common assumption amongst fools that one out of a million is nothing. To a fool, a drum full of fresh milk, with a single droplet of blood is still pure milk. They tend to forget that whatever fraction of probability there is means that there is a possibility, no matter how remote. But, in the land of fools, figures are always rounded off to the nearest ten.

There is nothing that strikes so much fear in the heart and mind of a fool than the fear of failure. Fools love to blow out of proportion the fate of some attempts by other brave individuals that were deemed “failures”. They are also so mindful of what their peers will say of them if they were to try something new or different and failed. Former USA president Bill Clinton in his autobiography, “My Life” says, “I preferred failure in a worthy effort to inaction for fear of failure.”

Winners, especially in the world of inventions and entrepreneurship, are those individuals who identify society’s problems and then commit themselves to solving them profitably. On the other hand, fools run at the slight whiff of a problem to their nostrils. To fools most problems or circumstances are “unworkable” and it is always impossible to fail.

Most inventions are born out of situations that would have been hopeless to fools. Even Eskimos use ice to build their igloos instead of moaning of the freezing conditions. Some ancient, unbelieving Israelites once turned against Moses when they reached the Red sea with the Egyptians in hot pursuit. To their foolish thoughts the situation was hopeless until Moses performed the miracle to part the waters for their safe passage.

Often, dogs only bite those who show fear and run away. Fools are so fond of taking to their heels, retreating at the slightest challenge. They always have to show of it by the battle scars on their backsides.
After reading this, tell me how foolish you have been lately.
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When Judgement Day Comes…

Imagine upon your death having to come face-to-face with God who will be at the ready to finger the book of judgement and find whether your name belongs to the heavenly ones or to those damned for the ragging flames of hell.

 I will not like to dwell on the merits and or the demerits of the judgment day theory and the argument for or against the existence of the afterlife. Whether you are one of those who shudder with the contemplation of the Heavenly Father waiting with a guillotine by the pearly gates or you belong to the other side of the religious divide is not of my concern right now.

Let us just assume there will be judgement day at some point after your death and the question would be, “Did you do what I sent you to do on earth?”

You see, there is a reason for you having been born into this world as a human being with all the characteristics you possess. The Creator had, and still has, a specific use for you. We can call that your Ultimate Purpose here on earth.

Your talent(s) always match your purpose; it only boils down to how you match them to your life activities.

Are you one of those many people who spend their entire lives stuck in their jobs or you are within the very few who are engaged in their work? Your job is what you are trained to do, while your work is what you are “called” to do. This, then, explains why some people’s quests for prosperity tend to flounder inexplicably while everything that some touch always seen to turn to gold. Ask yourself why you doom your ideas and dreams to shipwreck while others seem to possess that Midas touch.

You will realise that even identical twins have separate life purposes and, hence, different destinies. Look around and within you. What do you see? Do you see a prosperous life or you see one filed with ho-hum?

Are you struggling with being a lawyer while your actual calling is politics?

Are you busy trying to be a doctor instead of your real work of a writer?

Are you a policeman/woman while you have been called to be a preacher?

All these mismatched talents and purposes are tantamount to one masquerading in the costume of a bird while in actual fact they are a frog. It also explains why many a sportsperson could be trapped in facade of corporate offices (yes, we see them during those corporate sports days and often shed a tear or two for them).

The world would have been a poor place had Mother Teresa opted to be a chartered accounted than a nun. Can you imagine what the world would have been like if Nelson Mandela had opted to pursue a career in professional boxing instead of taking up political activism? Michael Jordan could have opted to be a corporate lawyer instead of taking up the basketball that led into his prosperity, just as Steve Jobs could have chosen playing professional tennis instead of bringing us the iPhone.  But would they have prospered?

I doubt it that all these could have fared as brilliantly as they have proved if they had chosen career paths different from what we all know them for.

Look, I also do not have the right answer to the question as to what you must do to identify a match between your abilities and your actual life purpose. But one certainty is that if whatever you are engaged in as an occupation does not bring you total happiness and does not make you abundantly wealthy, while at the same time it does not afford you the opportunity to positively touch the lives of the world, you are one of those trains that went off the track.

One good suggestion that I could venture to suggest for you is to apply the law of averages: Just get out of your false comfort zone and follow your passion; fail and succeed as much as you can; just do not fear failure until, along the way, you find your calling and prosper.

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I am greedy and I know it. Would you blame me for loving and even embracing the fact that I am greedy?
Before you even start drawing and sharpening your swords, let me share with you a litany of how greedy you and I have been all along.
We as the human species have taken it upon ourselves to classify sex as either “condemned” or “condoned”. But sex, as we all know it, is just that nasty and kinky coital act between opposite sexes (well, some do it with their same-sex counterparts). We have even gone the further step to glorify stealing a man’s daughter or son under the guise of the institution we created and called marriage.
Just when the hen lays its eggs with the innocent intent to procreate, not only do humans steal the eggs and eat them, they also go ahead to slaughter the chickens for food.
While the poor cow keeps its udder full to the brim with milk for its baby calf, we take away the milk to feed our own families. These calves are starved for humans’ sake.
If you have been to a dairy establishment you will concur with me as to how sad it is to witness the weeping and wailing of the poor calves, expecting to suckle, ignorant of the lurking “con-men” ready to milk the mothers. Worse, still, would be the experience of visiting the slaughter pen.
Plants grow to feed and sustain themselves only for us humans to pluck off their leaves, grains and fruits. Even their roots, barks and stems are not spared the wrath of the humans.
Just take a look at whatever you are wearing: that leather of your boots comes from the animal we killed while it was on its way to run its earthly errands. The clothes are mostly from the cotton plants whose buds are nipped just when they start to flourish under the sun. We also bleed the trees of their blood to produce rubber while at the same time we go ahead to plunder the woods and forests for paper and timber.
The earth’s crust it now rugged beyond recognition because humans persecute it for harboring the so-called “precious stones”. The next time you give or receive that bouquet of flowers from your honey save a thought for those poor plants that have been deprived of their only source of splendor. While you are at it save a thought, as well, for the innocent animals we ensnare for food and other products.
Some animals, such as bees, bears and even snakes fight back. Even some plants will prickle you here and the; but the cunning humans always come out tops.
One will say all this has to do with the food-chain-an indisputable argument. Ever since every creature was created, it arrived on earth with some inherent unsuitable desire to feed on the “next fellow”. Man even went the next step and wrote the bible and other creeds which now serve as the constitutions for human dominance.
As if all the above stated human “sins” and all the others we, due to space constraint, could not chronicle were not enough, humans have gone on to craft a way of making other weaker humans work for them or spend on them through buying their products and services. You see, there is no rest for the wicked.
Mine is not a call for humans to abate the time immemorial sport of plunder and carnage upon mother earth and even other humans. Instead, this is a call to drop the hypocrisy of the “holier-than-thou” who chastises the so-called “vices” of the systems such as capitalism, labeling them as acts of greed.
It is a fact that humans are greedy; they live from cradle to the grave with their genetically inherited greed. And just like there is never going to be mail in the mailbox without a postage stamp, there will be no man here on earth without greed. You see, greed is not that bad after all.
Everybody must openly embrace this nature of mankind and live their lives to the fullest. The supply for all life’s resources is unlimited and the source is inexhaustible. All can live in abundance and be as greedy as they could possibly be, then accumulate riches and wealth. However, that would only be good as long as it is not at the expense of other human, but at their service instead.
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